Service Notes
Banner on the main page of the exhibition website
  • The application for a banner shall be submitted five days prior to the placement.
  • The minimum placement time is one month.
  • The banner shall be provided by the customer electronically in .gif, .jpg or .png formats.
  • Standard banner shall be provided in three sizes (728 90 pixels, 468 90 pixels, 220 90 pixels) to be correctly displayed on various electronic devices.
  • EXPOCENTRE AO reserves the right to refuse a banner placement without giving any reasons.


You shall apply for services and make noncash payments prior to the assembly period.
Services are provided ONLY against full payment.
During the assembly period cash payments are done at cash desks of Service Bureau.

Late order or order during the assembly period
Please take into consideration that in case of a late order, not all services or equipment shall be available.
During the assembly period orders are accepted only if resources are still available.