Stand cleaning

1. Vacuum cleaning

2. Damp cleaning (laminate, tile)

  • Cleaning includes vacuum or damp cleaning of the stand floor, emptying of waste baskets and ash trays, and is carried out once a day.
  • Damp floor cleaning is carried out when the stand floor is made of laminate or tiles.
  • Vacuum floor cleaning is carried out when the stand floor is carpeted.
  • Daily stand cleaning is carried out very day before 10 a.m.
  • If you have any question about cleaning services (their quality or absence) please call Service Bureau at +7 499 795-37-79

3. Waste removal

  • Emptying trash bins 3 times a day.

4. Cleaning of glass cases

5. Calling a janitor for one-time cleaning

  • Urgent cleaning and waste removal
  • –°alculation of services: 1 cleaner on the area ≤ 30 sq m, 2 cleaners on the area from 31 to 100 sq m, 3 cleaners on an area of ​​over 100 sq m and 1 cleaner for every subsequent 50 sq m.

6. Rent of a container for removal of bulky waste, construction materials and stand structures

  • per 1 container of:
    • 1.1 cu m
    • 14 cu m
    • 27 cu m
  • Container will be delivered to the pavilion gates.
  • The service doesn't include transportation of waste to the container.

7. Removal of waste produced during demonstration of exhibits

  • The service includes bringing a container to the booth loading waste into a container and transporting it to a waste disposal area.