Engineering services

 Electric power

Additional power source for connection of exhibits, power consuming equipment and custom lighting (5-100 kW), per connection

  • The space rental covers cost of connection and consumption of electric power within the limits of 100 W of installed capacity per one sq m of rented space. If energy consuming exhibits, power lighting equipment, etc., are to be used, an additional power source must be ordered.
  • All wiring of the stand, including 380V sockets for stand equipment, must be carried out by the stand constructor. Expoconsta OOO permission must be obtained to carry out wiring.

 Water supply

1. Connection of kitchen and other equipment, per connection.

  • The price includes water consumption and sewage.
  • The price applies to connection of kitchen and stand equipment which belongs to the customer. Plumbing equipment (water supply line, sink) is not covered.
  • To order this equipment, please contact your stand constructor.

2. Rent of a plumbing device for filling tubs, pools or similar reservoir.

 Compressed air

Connection to the air main, per connection

  • The rate covers the cost of compressed air supply.

 Fire detector

Rent of a fire detector, each

  • The price includes installation costs.
  • In accordance with the existing standards, fire detectors are mandatory for double deck stands in pavilions and for temporary outdoor pavilions, as well as for stands with high fire risk (shall be coordinated with Organization which provides fire safety services).
  • The exhibitor whose stand is equipped with the fire detector shall bear full responsibility for damage/loss of the detector at the rate of its market value.