• Visitors can register online at the official website of EXPOCENTRE AO.
  • Registration is opened 3 months before the exhibition opening and is closed on the last day of the exhibition.
  • The last step of the registration process is to print out an e-ticket that allows visiting the exhibition.
  • E-tickets can contain advertising in case advertising spaces are available.
  • The cost of advertising placed on e-tickets depends on the expected number of exhibition visitors.
  • Sizes of advertising space on an e-ticket:
    type 1: 94 x 94 mm, 1 advertising space on an e-ticket
    type 2: 94 x 46 mm, 2 advertising spaces on an e-ticket
    type 3: 94 x 31 mm, 3 advertising spaces on an e-ticket
    type 4: 46 x 46 mm, 4 advertising spaces on an e-ticket
  • For locations of advertising space on an e-ticket click here.
  • Advertising shall be submitted in .png format.
  • Advertising has to be easy readable when printed in black and white.
  • No direct invitations to visit the customer's stands shall be accepted as advertising.


You shall apply for services and make noncash payments prior to the assembly period.
Services are provided ONLY against full payment.
During the assembly period cash payments are done at cash desks of Service Bureau.

Late order or order during the assembly period
Please take into consideration that in case of a late order, not all services or equipment shall be available.
During the assembly period orders are accepted only if resources are still available.