Name of service Running time
Video advertising on façade LED screen 20m x 8m of Pavilion No.7 (West media facade)
15 sec.
30 sec.
60 sec.


  1. The rate covers not less than 100 shows per day from 8 am to 6 pm for the event running period (excluding mounting and dismantling periods);
  2. Video shall be made by the Customer in strict accordance with the following specifications;
  3. Video shall be provided by the Customer not later than 7 working days before the placement date;
  4. Placement of video advertising shall be carried out after coordination of the contents of advertising and information materials with Expocentre AO.


Orders for services and noncash payments have to be made before the assembly period.
Services are provided ONLY against full payment.
During the assembly period payments for services can be made at cash desk of Service Bureau.

Late order or order during the assembly period
Please take into consideration that in case of late order not all services and equipment are available.
During the assembly period orders are accepted only of resources are still available.