Outdoor Advertising
Fixed structures
Service Size,
W х H, m
Rent of fixed advertising structures Attention! To get updated information about prices and availability of fixed structures, please call +7 (499) 795 25 97 or +7 (499) 795 37 93.
See the location of fixed advertising structures here
Rent of light box 1.800 х 1.605
1.140 х 1.740
  • See location of light boxes here
  • Light boxes are located in Fountains Hall (Hall 5 of Pavilion No. 8 Ground Level of Expocentre Fairgrounds), see the layout.
  • Rental cost includes production, assembly and dismantling of advertising surface.
Rent of advertising
space on stationary constructions
"Pylon" and "Stela"
2 х 3
Mobile structures
Service Size,
W х H, m
Rent of mobile structures 1 х 2
  • Location of the mobile structure is negotiated with the customer and coordinated with Expocentre AO.
  • Production of banner is extra charged.
  • Expocentre AO reserves the right to refuse an application for outdoor advertising without giving any explanation.
2 х 2
2 х 3
3 х 2
3 х 3
4 х 2
4 х 3
5 х 2
5 х 3
6 х 2
6 х 3
Production of banner
Service Quantity Note
Production of banner 1 sq m
  • The design layout has to be provided not later than two weeks before the assembly.
  • Go here to see technical requirements for layouts.
Production of design layout for banner 1 sq m
Production of design layout for banner 1 pcs  


Orders for services and noncash payments have to be made before the assembly period.
Services are provided ONLY against full payment.
During the assembly period payments for services can be made at cash desk of Service Bureau.

Late order or order during the assembly period
Please take into consideration that in case of late order not all services and equipment are available.
During the assembly period orders are accepted only of resources are still available.