Name of service Quantity Notes
Periodical presentation of 15 sec. long video on plasma panels: at 1 point
  • The rate covers 50 presentations of 15 sec. long video per day at one point.
  • The price is for one plasma panel.
  • The length of the paid presentation should be divided by 15 sec.
  • Possible number of presentations at each point during the working day is 50, 100, 150 and 200.
  • Video file of the following formats are accepted: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Microsoft FVI (non-compressed video), Quick Time.
  • To find more about the technical requirements for video files, click here. Other files need to be transformed
  • You can find locations of plasma panels below.
  • Presentations can be denied for technical reasons.
at 2 – 4 points
at 5 – 8 points
at 9 – 14 points
at 15 – 29 points
at 30 and more points
Non-stop presentation of the customer's video, per one plasma panels 1 day
the whole exhibition period
Non-stop presentation of the customer's video, per one unit consisting of 8 plasma panels working simultaneously 1 day
the whole exhibition period
Reformatting of a video, per one 15 sec. long video -


You shall apply for services and make noncash payments prior to the assembly period.
ÓServices are provided ONLY against full payment.
During the assembly period cash payments are done at cash desks of Service Bureau.

Late order or order during the assembly period
Please take into consideration that in case of a late order, not all services or equipment shall be available.
During the assembly period orders are accepted only if resources are still available.