Feedback from RUSWELD 2020 exhibitors and visitors

Dmitry Kuraksa, Managing Director of ESAB in Russia and the CIS:

-  During the period of stagnation that we had since the end of March, there was a limited number of live events related to networking with clients. We are grateful to the exhibition organisers for the fact that they created this platform and gave us the opportunity to network live. We missed such communication. We are interested to see the customer, listen to him not by modern means of high-speed video communication, but live, face to face. We are grateful for this opportunity. We hope that further development is in safe hands and we will move together.

Andrey Voronin, Director General of Rutekh OOO:

-  You should not skip such events, because there are tasks that need to be solved together. So we even invited our partners from Finland. They have arrived to this exhibition in order to get acquainted with the objectives of our clients in more detail and to find the best solutions that would fit in today's conditions.

Nikolay Alyoshin, President of the National Agency of Welding Control, RAS Member:

-  The Internet will not be able to replace live exhibitions. Exactly exhibitions allow us to understand where we are, in what direction we should move. Foreign experience is also necessary. Today in the United States, England, Japan, China half of the national GDP is produced with welding. Welding will develop and not the last word will be for Russia, the motherland of welding.