Leading developers share robotic welding equipment solutions

20 / 10 / 2021

The Russian Association of Robotics (RAR), in cooperation with EXPOCENTRE AO held a Workshop on Robotic Welding and Cutting of Metals within the framework of the conference programme of the Russian Industry Week and the Rusweld 2021 exhibition today. Representatives of robotic companies spoke about the latest technologies and approaches to robotisation of welding production, as well as how to prepare production for robotisation, and where to train employees.

The workshop moderator, RAR Executive Director Olga Mudrova said in her welcoming speech that robotisation of production is aimed at presenting an innovative product to the market. This is a rather laborious process, and very difficult to implement.

Industrial robotisation is fast and affordable, said Artem Shirinkin, Deputy General Director of Technored. According to him, thanks to collaborative robots that have recently appeared on the Russian market, it is possible to automate some part of the production process very easily and quickly. Robots are safe and versatile. Initially they were designed to work with people, they can work with zany type of equipment, perform any function. The point of using collaborative robots in welding is programming. To program such a robot is 5-6 times faster than any industrial robot. Industrial robots can be used to do heavier jobs, the expert said.

The topic Robotisation of Welding. Equipment. Stages, Trends was dedicated to the presentation by the General Director of Vector Group Dmitry Ipatov. More than 60% of manufacturers say that robots in production have helped to maintain productivity and output their products, the speaker emphasised. He said the benefits of robotic welding include, first of all, cost reduction. Then the quality, the speed of the product implementation, raising of the enterprise image.

Mikhail Prokofyev, Sales Director of Yaskawa Russia, in his presentation gave typical examples of robotic welding systems for various industries.

Roman Timofeev, Deputy Director of Robowizard / Kawasaki Robotics, spoke about how to avoid mistakes when buying a robot.

The workshop was continued by presentations of representatives of FANUC, ABB, SHUNK Intek, Tehnored companies. They spoke on welding robotisation for small-batch production, robotic solutions for welding, equipment for robots for welding and cutting materials, as well as how to imporve productivity and quality of welding through the introduction of collaborative robots.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO